Hog Roast Winkleigh

Hog Roast WinkleighIf you have an upcoming event in this scenic West Devonshire village and you need a catering company who you can rely on to make sure everything is absolutely spot on for your day, the Hog Roast Winkleigh team are it! We are the most renowned hog roast company in this area, and we have spent many years catering with great success for a broad array of events in and around Winkleigh. Our hog roasts are perfect for any outdoor event and the ideal catering option it you want you make the most of the countryside views that surround Winkleigh whilst also enjoying some great freshly made food.

Our pork is always sourced from ethical local producers and given just the right about of TLC by our experienced hog roast chefs, who will cook it slowly and patiently for several hours until it is oozing with succulence and melting in the mouth. This ancient method of slow cooking meat is still the best way of getting the most out of it in both taste and tenderness, and you won’t find a company in the area who are more skilled in utilising this traditional technique. Our diners can also enjoy the spectacle of seeing our food being prepared because we always make everything on-site in full view of everyone.

Hog Roast Winkleigh’s Traditional Catering Techniques

Hog Roast WinkleighHog Roast Winkleigh’s superb hog roasts may always be the star of the show at events we cater for, but that is far from the only option we provide. We have an enticing array of different buffet and 3 course menus on offer, which all cater for varying tastes, dietary needs, and styles of events. Our food is ideal for wedding receptions, local community events, private parties and more. We can cater for events of all sizes and although we are the ideal choice for outdoor dining, our adaptable catering style makes us an equally pleasing option for indoor events too.

Hog Roast Winkleigh have the capacity to bring joy to you and all of your guests for your special day with our exciting fresh food, diverse menus and the most delicious hog roasts in West Devon.