Hog Roast Lifton

Hog Roast LiftonIf you require mobile catering with a difference for any event in this village on the Devon and Cornwall border, the Hog Roast Lifton team have the scope and experience to provide it. We are head and shoulders above the competition in all aspects of hog roast catering in the Lifton. We invest the time, patience and care required in order to consistently produce succulent and mouth-watering pork for all manner of events in Lifton. Our success in hog roasting begins with how discerning we are about where our pork comes from. We choose the most superior quality free-range pork available, which is always sourced from UK producers whose ethical standards are just as high as our own. Our delicious meat is then cooked delicately over the course of several hours by our expert chefs until it is oozing with flavour and melting in the mouth.

Hassle Free Service Every Time

Hog Roast LiftonThis area is a very inspiring place to cater in, which is reflected in Hog Roast Lifton’s creative menus that are full of freshly made dishes and fantastic local produce. Both our team and our repertoire are continually expanding, enabling us to provide cutting-edge mobile catering solutions for any occasion in Lifton. If the occasion or your guests require a more diverse menu, we have an abundance of other options to enjoy alongside our speciality hog roasts. This includes alternative meats which are just as tempting and tender our pork, such as whole roasted free-range chicken, sirloin of beef or spring lamb, amongst many others. We are also very considerate when it comes to catering for different dietary requirements, so whether you have guests that need gluten-free alternatives or you need vegetarian and vegan options, we have the flexibility to fulfil everyone’s requirements. We put just as much effort into sourcing the rest of our ingredients from the best examples of local Devonshire produce, and we are able to make all of our dishes from scratch on-site in any type of outdoor environment or indoor setting in Lifton.

Event catering in Lifton is always an immense pleasure for us, whatever the occasion, and Hog Roast Lifton’s expertise, experience and enthusiasm are guaranteed to make your day even more special.